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Clients Say It Best

"My journey with Amy over the last three months was nothing short of life changing. To understand that, you really have to know where I was coming from. When joining KW in January, I was coming off of a 2 1/2 year hiatus from real estate as well as some serious personal issues. Without getting into too much detail, one of my favorite writers sums it up with two words. Chris Gardner from the Pursuit of Happiness hit it on the head when he said "Life Happens". And with me it happened pretty hard.

Needless to say jumping back in to real estate was like jumping in a pool with my hands tied. I felt like I didn't know what way was up and trying to really embrace the KW model proved difficult. Amy's guidance, dedication and patience proved that reaching out to her was by far one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. She helped me bring back the fire inside and I look forward to continuing our journey. Because life does happen and when it does, having Amy to turn to will be crucial for continued growth and success - both professionally and personally."  


"Amy is a compassionate, intuitive and inspiring coach. She is a great listener and especially skilled at helping you gain a fresh perspective in order to open up your mind and heart to new possibilities. Thank you Amy for all your encouragement and insight during my transition! I am so grateful! "

Fran M. 

"Being on the receiving end of Amy's empowering coaching, I have been able to clearly define my own vision for my future endeavor.  Amy really helped & encouraged me to see my potential for reaching out to help others define their successes.  Thank you, Amy, for helping me unlock my true self! "

Joyfully, Lyn

"Moving into my 37th year was a very symbolic time for me - filled with confusion, fear, + hope as I began to move away from my full time day job and into the work I’d dreamed of doing as a coach.  I wanted to move into this year as energetically conscious + intentionally as possible, but felt foggy, clouded, overwhelmed, and helpless.  In a few short sessions of coaching with you, I was able to set a laser-sharp intention for starting the year, celebrating in a powerful and meaningful way.  I was able to begin my part-time stay-at-home mom role with ease, and my daughter and I have thrived thanks to your compassionate, clear coaching.  You have an amazing way of cutting through all the clutter, holding me accountable for what I said I’d wanted to do, and all the while making me feel like I had a #1 champion + advocate.  Thank you so much for kick starting the most powerful year of my life yet! I never could have done it without you. "


"I was so blessed to have Amy as my coach during my relocation.  I totally underestimated the amount of time and energy involved, and emotional change that I would to go through to get the move completed.  Amy was with me every step of the way.  She worked with me to set reasonable goals and helped me stay on track with my timeline.  The really special thing she did for me was to help me make the emotional transition that we often overlook during a relocation.  She was my lifeline in so many ways that I will be forever grateful for. "

You rock Amy! Lyria

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